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2024 Annual Homeowner's Association Meeting

including the election for HOA BOARD MEMBER POSITIONS

The HOA would like to thank everyone who turned out for this year’s annual HOA meeting.  The HOA would also like to thank those homeowners who volunteered to run for a position on the HOA Board.  Listed to the right are those homeowners who will now serve on the HOA Board.  Since there were only eleven candidates and no write-ins the selection of the candidates was approved by a vote from the homeowners in attendance.

The Officer positions of President, Vice-President and Secretary was voted upon by the HOA Board Members at the first monthly meeting after the Annual Meeting which took place on June 17, 2024.


HOA Board Members

Jason Clark

Ron Erdman

Paul Finn

Michelle Gunn

Joe Porporino

Sandy Quick

Teresa Rowe

David Rowe

Samuel Stovall

Bill Vivian

Jerry Watts